FAQs about http://sks23cu.net/

Host: http://www.1and1.com/ ,  Linux Hosting: 1 & 1 Home package:
120 GB (using < 1GB for entire web site), $5 / month.

Possible migration to FREE http://sks23cu-sandbox.wikispaces.com/ ,
with integrated WYSIWYG editor and FTP package.

HTML WYSIWYG Editor: http://kompozer.sourceforge.net/ , Free

FTP package: Fetch from http://fetchsoftworks.com/ , Free Educational License

MS Office use for MS Office documents: BIG BUCKS! , but you probably already have it  ;-)

PDF documents: Macintosh Print Preview(comes with Macintosh),
and PDF Pen to edit them at http://www.smileonmymac.com/PDFpen/index.html , $50 (MUCH less than Acrobat)

, Gradebook with attendance and secure student / parent access: $50 / year.

Better alternative to Geometer's Sketchpad: GeoGebra from http://www.geogebra.org/ , ABSOLUTELY FREE !!

Animated GIFs: GIFfun at http://www.stone.com/NewDownload.html , It’s free!

E.g., frames created in GeoGebra, each exported as gif file, animated with GIFfun:

A geometric pythagorean theorem proof: http://sks23cu.net/MT/sketches/pythagoremThmProof.ggb

All conic sections generated from same sketch: http://sks23cu.net/MT/sketches/sksConics.html