GeometryIn a class of 147 students
3 years ago
In a class of 147 students, 95 are taking math (M), 73 are taking science (S), and 52 are taking both math and science. One student is picked at random. Find each probability. P(taking math or science or both)
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Cutiestar54321 Staff answered 3 years ago
43 students are taking science ONLY. 95-52=43 21 students are taking math ONLY. 73-52=21 52 students are taking both math AND science. 31 students taking neither. 147-43-21-52=31 Probability of students taking math, science, or both out of the 147 students. P(taking math or science or both)= (43+21+52)/(147) (116)/(147) Result: 78.9%
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