OtherFind the distance from (-4, 2, 6) to the xy-plane.
2 years ago
Find the distance from (-4, 2, 6) to the xy-plane.
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dixiechicksconcertcharlotte Staff answered 2 years ago
When they \) questions like this, they are \)ing the distance from the point to the closest point on the plane, since that is the shortest distance. If you drew a line between these two points, it would be perpendicular (""normal"") to the plane.
The distance of a point (x, y, z) to the xy-plane is the value of the z-coordinate. Where negative values would indicate that the point was on the negative z side of the xy-plane. If you needed to only know the distance though you could take the absolute value.
In the case of (4,-2,6), it is 6 units from the xy-plane because z=6.
(closest point on the plane is (4,-2,0))
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