Calculus and AnalysisFind the following values
2 years ago
Suppose that f(5) = 2, f'(5) = 3, g(5) = -6, and g'(5) = 1. Find the following values: (fg)'(5)
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ColbsR0218 Staff answered 2 years ago
(1)Rewrite the function as a product. (fg)(x)=f(x)g(x) (2)Find the derivative using the product rule. (fg)'(x)=f'(x)g(x)+f(x)g'(x) (3)Substitute x=5. (fg)'(5)=f'(5)g(5)+f(5)g'(5) (4)Substitute f'(5)=3, g(5)=-6, f(5)=2, and g'(5)=1. =3(-6)+2(1) (5)Simplify =-16
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