GeometryPeople refer to the dimensions of things as “2 by 4” etc.
2 years ago
Please, help. People refer to the dimensions of things as "2 by 4" etc. I can't tell if the length dimension is vertical (up and down) or horizontal (side to side).
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dearevanhansencast Staff answered 2 years ago
Some students will sometimes use length=2, width=4, and sometimes use length=4, width=2. Of course, the area is 8 either way. I think "length" and "width" are ambiguous. You can say Area = (base)x(height) or Area = (width)x(height). For 3-dimensions, use Volume = (width)x(height)x(depth) or Volume = (length)x(height)x(depth) to avoid ambiguity. Define width as the measurement of the shortest or shorter side of an object. Similarly the dictionary defines length as the longer or longest dimension of an object .
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