TrigonometrySolve each of the following triangles.
2 years ago
Solve each of the following triangles. If there are two triangles, solve both. Round angle measurements to one decimal place and side lengths to two decimal places. a= 9, b= 4, B= 23° a= y= c=
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classicwestconcertdetails Staff answered 2 years ago
To find angle A of thiagle whote sides a=9,b=4 and angle B=23°
We trigonometric identify
(sin B)/(b)=(sin A)/(q)-> (sin 23)/(4)=(sin A)/(9)
-> A=61.54°
SO angle C=180-A-B
Mow to determine side C
(sin C)/(c)/(sin B)/(b)
C=(sinC)/(sin B)xb
C=(sin 95.46)/(sin 23)x4
C=(3.98)/(sin 23)
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