Statistics and ProbabilitySuppose that f(x)=1.5x^(2) for -1
11 months ago
Suppose that f(x)=1.5x^(2) for -1
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blynn1 Staff answered 11 months ago
Let the probability density function f of the random variable X be given as: f(x)=1.5x^(2), -1<x<1 Calculate: mathbb(E)(X)=int_(-1)^(1)1.5x^(3)dx=0 mathbb(E)(X^(2))=int_(-1)^(1)1.5x^(4)dx=1.5* (2)/(5)=(3)/(5) Var(X)=(3)/(5)-0=(3)/(5) Result: Mean: 0, Variance: 3/5
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