TrigonometryTriangles ABC and DEF are similar triangles.
3 years ago
Triangles ABC and DEF are similar triangles. Solve. Round to the nearest tenth. Find the height of triangle DEF. underline( )m
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bocchero Staff answered 3 years ago
Step 1 Here, triangu ABC and DEF are ~ilar triangles. Need to find the height of DEF. For the ~ilar triangles , theralios of the corresponding sidos are eguol and also the corresponding heights are egual to the corresponding sides. Therefere, we can lorite. (AB)/(DE)=(AC)/(DF)=(BC)/(EF)=(height of ABC)/(Height of DEF) Substitute the values of known sides, we get |(AB)/(DE)=(3)/(5)=(BC)/(EF)=(2)/(Height of DEF) therefore (3)/(5)=(alpha)/(Height of DEF) arrow Heihgt of DEF=(5* 2)/(3) =(10)/(3) =3* 3 m
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